Blog #2

Lesson at home plus homework at school equals flipped math classroom

In this article it describes about how in some classrooms teachers are trying to take the emphasis off classroom learning as a whole and focus more on individual. The classroom described is Ethan Anderson’s 8th grade algebra class at Dakota Meadows Middle School in North Mankato. What the teacher does is assigns an assignment to the class as a whole and the next day they come in, homework completed for it to be graded at school. If a student gets none to one or two answers wrong, the teacher hands out a more complicated math assignment for them, but if a student gets more than that wrong, they are given a different assignment having to do with the problems they were having trouble with. This allows for the students that don’t understand to get a grip on the assignment, and it does not hold back the more advanced students.

Q1. How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

I believe that this practice would hinder my teaching practices. Why do I believe that as my opinion? Because think of it this way, you have a class of  30 students. What happens if 10 of them are really good at math and start moving ahead? I mean thats great because they understand the concepts and everything but it also means that there is about 10 students who are doing the average amount of work and understanding, so their going along with the guidelines as they should be. But, there are those 10 students that have trouble learning math, and need more help getting through each assignment. Now you have one third of the class in different spots in math all wanting help and asking a different question. Not to mention the fact that some students feel bad when they are “behind” other students. Students today are very judgmental about things like that, which could also lead to other problems in the classroom.

Q2 How will the issue help or hinder student learning

As I stated earlier, students like to be on the same page. Like I remember when I was in eighth grade, even when I did not understand i felt better because I was going along with the class as a whole. With this new teaching method it will be easy to tell which students are understanding and which students are not, which can be good for the teacher showing where he or she needs to improve on their teaching techniques, but to the kids that could array a whole different set of problems that do not need to be brought in the classroom. Such as being known as “smarter” than one another and things like that.


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